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5 Star Cargo Trailers will always have the best prices on enclosed cargo trailers. Our goal is to help you obtain a high quality enclosed cargo trailer at an affordable price.

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Standard Enclosed Trailers

Our standard trailers come in all sizes. Let us know what the perfect size is for you and we’ll make sure to full-fill your request.


Custom Enclosed Trailers

Looking for a customized trailer to stand out from standard trailers? We’ll make it customized any way you want it.


A+ Trailer Delivery Service

We provide nationwide delivery service, right to your door to eliminate the hassle of picking up your trailer.


Trailer Financing & Insurance

Don’t have perfect credit to get financed? No worries there. We can get you financed with no issues or complications.

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Qualified Expert

Our knowledge in cargo trailers will never leave you second guessing your decision.

Workmanship Quality

We work as a team here at 5Star Cargo Trailers to make sure all your needs are met.

Quality Professionals

We ensure the quality of the trailers are met up to every customer's expectation.

Standard Trailers
Customized Trailers
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Hard Working Employees
Happy Customers
To start our business we needed 3 trailers so that we could move sufficiently from land to land with ease. 5 Star was able to get our trailers we needed and delivered them right to our place of business.
Taylor Burress
CEO of Landscaping Company
Our business has been running successful thanks to 5 Star Cargo Trailers. They helped finance 2 trailers for us to start our company and now we have 3 companies and have 11 trailers through this company.
Jacob Peters
Construction Start-up
The one trailer we had for our plumbing company broke down on a late Friday afternoon. We called 5 Star Cargo to get us up and running again. They were able to get us a trailer in two days. 5 Star Service.
Edward Williams
Plumber Executive

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